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TurboKit β€” Build Fast Websites With A Perfect Lighthouse Score In Record Time

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TurboKit β€” Build Fast Websites With A Perfect Lighthouse Score In Record Time

Hamed Baatour
2 ratings

A powerful boilerplate to help you build 100% optimized websites.

Get a perfect score in all performance tests easily.

πŸ” Live Performance Reports

⚑ TurboKit Helps you build blazing-fast websites 

  • Optimizes your images

     β€£ 🀏 Compresses PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF

     β€£ πŸ­ Generates WebP and progressive JPEG

     β€£  πŸ“± Makes images responsive by generating multiple sizes

     β€£ πŸ“· Uses responsive 'srcset' with multiple sources + lazyloading

  • Optimizes your JS

     β€£ πŸ“¦ Bundles JS files

     β€£ 🀏 Minifies JS

     β€£ πŸ‘΅ Transpiles ES6 code for backward browser compatibility

  • Optimizes your CSS

     β€£ πŸ“¦ Bundles CSS files

     β€£ πŸ€ Minifies CSS and removes unused styles

     β€£ ✨ Generates critical styles to improve first paint performance

     β€£ 🌎 Autoprefixes CSS for maximum browser compatibility

  • Optimizes your HTML

     β€£ πŸ€ Minifies HTML

     β€£ 🐀 Included social meta tags (Twitter, Facebook)

     β€£ πŸŒ“ Easily togglable dark mode using 'data-theme' attribute

  •  Makes your website a PWA

    β€£ ✨ Generates a manifest file

    β€£ πŸ’ƒ Generates a service worker file

    β€£ πŸ“Έ Generates all necessary icons/favicon...

    β€£ πŸ’ͺ Adds all necessary meta tags to HTML (theme-color, viewport...)

  • Optimizes your fonts

    β€£ πŸ“₯ Generates all necessary fonts formats (woff2, woff...)

    β€£ πŸ‘Œ Uses `font-display: swap` to avoid blocking page rendering

    β€£ ⚑ Preloads fonts for faster load times

  • Manages browser cache

    β€£ 🌲 Generates a unique hash for each file to keep browser cache fresh

    β€£ πŸ“‚ Pre-configured optimal headers and cache policy for 'Firebase & Netlify'

🎁 Included Bonuses

    β€£ 🌎  Full internationalization support (i18n)

    β€£ πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ  Pre-configured development server with hot reloading

    β€£ πŸ’„  Pre-configured prettier config for formatting 

    β€£ πŸ” Obfuscate Javascript to further secure it from reverse engineering

    β€£ πŸ’š Update packages.json dependencies with one command 'npm run update'

    β€£ 🀏 Minify all your JSON files (manifesst.json..)

    β€£ πŸ“š Generates a site map file 'sitemap.xml'

and a lot more features... can't fit all of them here πŸ˜…

⭐ Reviews

The code is clean, well documented/commented, and easy to follow.

The readme and instructions are also nice and clear.

Kevin Harter, @WebDevKev ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Works like a charm.

I’m really enjoying Turbokit!

Tobias Scheepers, @WeFabricate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Why Do I need this ❓

You can spend weeks trying to optimize your website performance.

Configuring different build tools is tedious and time-consuming!

So why not save a ton of time and use TurboKit instead!

Who created this script? was it used before in production ❓

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ It's me! Hamed Baatour I have been a developer for more than 5 years.

I have built this boilerplate 100% from scratch after working on so many web projects. 

This boilerplate has been used in production and it is the result of a lot of work I spent configuring and refining my build process.   

Honestly, is this worth it ❓

If I found a similar boilerplate before making TurboKit I wouldn't hesitate a second to pay even $100 for it. 

The time and effort needed to optimize a website from scratch is mind-blowing and simply not worth it!

Will I get free lifetime updates ❓

Yes of course! a build process is a never-ending project, it needs always to be updated and refined. I will do all the hard work on your behalf and you will get any future updates of this boilerplate for free.

What does this use under the hood ❓

  • Vite.js

  • Gulp (Node 14 or 15 required)

πŸ“ Note

This template is for developers only who can understand JavaScript so they can customize it to fit their needs. 

If you are not a developer and you think this will optimize your grandma WordPress site please do not use this πŸ™

If you have any questions please email me at:

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